• Steampunk Jewelry

    Flameworked glass and hand-hammered copper come together in this new series of Steampunk pendants.

  • Master of Marbles

    Buy breathtaking art glass marbles, pendants, sculptures and more.

  • Wizardly Flamework

    Want to work magic with glass? Watch video tutorials to learn glass artist James Yaun's professional techniques.

Learn Flameworking Tricks from the Pros.


Free Flamework How-To Videos

Learn how to blow glass from the pros by watching detailed step-by-step videos. Our first video shows how to make a glass pendant with simple fume lines. How to blow glass, instructional how-to videos for flameworking, lampworking borosilicate glass.

Flamework Art Glass for Sale

Glass marbles, pendants, beads, and more by artist James Yaun. All are one-of-a-kind works of glass art.     Art Glass Marble, art glass orb   Art Glass Marble

Art Glass Gallery

A Photo Gallery of beautiful lampwork art glass including marbles, pendants, bracelets and other works of art. Art glass marble, flamework orb     art glass marble for sale